About Us

Carly and Alyssa met on the comedy circuit 10 years ago. Alyssa was booking fabulous Cabaret and Comedy shows for venues such as the Charing Cross Theatre, and The London Hippodrome. Carly was wowing the crowds at one of Alyssa’s shows and they hit it off straight away.

They both love putting on shows and performing, but had found that a lot of comedy companies had a very impersonal feel to them, not just for the acts but for the venues too. They decided to join forces and create an amazing experience for anyone and everyone who wanted a bit of comedy in their lives!

Flash forward to 2019 and these funny ladies have created both ‘Bring Your Own Baby Comedy’ – the National Comedy Club for New Parents, and ‘Comedy Round Mine’ – evening shows for theatres, schools and companies.

Carly and Alyssa work side by side with each and every client, to create their dream show, with the perfect acts to suit their audience. They feel very lucky that they get to work with so many amazing theatres, companies and schools and can’t wait to chat to you about your perfect show!


Carly Smallman

Carly loves comedy – it’s her whole life! From booking fabulous shows, to performing all over the country, this girl can’t get enough of making people laugh.

Carly has performed stand-up on the BBC, been a panel show regular for ITV, and co-hosted on the radio, but her passion lies in live comedy. She has played at some fabulous venues: from major weekend comedy clubs, to arts centres, to the Hammersmith Apollo to her living room! As Carly gigs up and down the country, she has the inside info on which acts are the best of the best!

Some people said some nice things:

Smallman already has the presence of a 20 year comedy veteran. Her delightful appearance and cheery persona juxtaposed with wonderfully filthy songs make her the most exciting female act in the country right now.

GQ Magazine


Alyssa Kyria

Alyssa is a comic, known as The Funny Mummy, best known for her hilarious parenting comedy songs. She also performs as her ‘alter ego’ Ariadne the Greek WAG, at fabulous venues such as The Comedy Store, Showtime @ Café De Paris, The Aeronaut and many more.

Alyssa has been producing comedy and cabaret shows for over 10 years and loves putting a show together to wow a crowd!

Some people said some nice things:

* * * * Metro, The List, One4Review

Ariadne the Greek WAG was sensational
Daily Mirror

Ariadne is self obsession in a mini skirt – played with deadpan mastery…more entertaining than 1000 issues of Heat Magazine!


Laura Chamberlain

Working on our PTA and Fundraising events is the amazing Laura Chamberlain, another school Mum who has produced events for Amazon and Sony (to name a few…she’s very fancy!).

Laura has two children of school age, and is a card carrying member of the PTA. She loves helping to organise these events, as she knows how important they are both to the PTA, and to the parents who are thrilled to be out of the house and having a laugh!